L.A. Recordings Photo Mixtape 05122016


Greetings! Just dropping in with another Photo Mixtape. If you aren’t familiar, my photo mixtapes are posts with a few photos that reflect what I’m working on during a given week. Some of the images may or may not wind up in a portfolio but I feel that they are worth sharing with the world at large. This weeks images come from a roll of Fuji 400H that I ran through my Contax T2 and just got back. They are from 3 areas I shoot quite frequently: Downtown Los Angeles, Koreatown, and Pasadena.



Development Cycle


Greetings y’all, just checking in with an update from the front lines. There has been a bit of a pause in my portfolio updates as I have been focused on shooting and developing the conceptual framework for my next few sets. I’m moving away from the strictly location based work of last year (see my Sacred Spaces, Stomping Grounds, A Love Supreme, and Inconspicuous Monuments portfolios) and venturing into a broader depiction of life in LA as a whole. Anyone who knows me is aware that I can speak at length about what it is like to live in this city, I’m hoping to communicate my vision through my photography. And being that I’m shooting exclusively film (and I’m a really slow shooter), this is taking a while. But good things are coming very soon, here are a few photographs I’ve taken this year based on this new direction that I’ve embarked on.



L.A. Recordings Photo Mixtape 041916

Welcome to the Los Angeles Recordings Photo Mixtape series, the inaugural installment of what I like to think of as my visual sketchbook. I shoot a lot of images with my iPhone during the course of an average day (normally processed in either VSCO or RNI images) and they often go on to become the basis for some of my more formal photography. Also, to be honest I think that many of them are interesting photographs in their own right.


I’ve always been intrigued by the potential of mobile photography and I believe the technology has become sophisticated enough to produce some fascinating results. I don’t necessarily envision a time when my iPhone will replace my film camera (or even a dedicated digital one) for my most serious work, I’m endlessly thankful for it when I’m wandering around and happen to come across an image that I want to capture. Thank you for taking a look at the 1st installment of my Photo Mixtape and stay tuned for more in the very near future!



Mamba Day

Thanks for representing the City of Angels for 20 years Kobe!

Today, the Laker god Kobe Bryant is playing his last game at Staples Center. I don’t know if people outside of L.A. truly understand how important Kobe has been to this city. Here was a player who absorbed negativity and spit out championships. Who got where he is because he worked harder than everyone else in the league. He also brought the city together like nothing else. Los Angeles is a different place when the Lakers are in the playoffs. All of a sudden, everyone has something top talk about, something in common. From the highest paid executive to the janitorial staff, that is one of the times where as a city we are absolutely united. It’s a vibe that makes an incredible city even more so. It’s also a feeling that’s been missing for too long so hopefully we can get our basketball operations in order and get back to what we do best. The photographs above are from the 2009 and 2010 Laker championship parades. Those are special because those are the “Kobe” championships, the ones where there was no doubt it was his team and he was the main reason that we won them. They reflect the impact that those years had on the people of the city. L.A. isn’t a city full of stars and celebrities, it’s full of hard working residents who love the Lakers like nothing else. Thanks for the memories KB24!