Liquor Store Logic

Liquor Stores from E. Hollywood, Koreatown, & Mid City
Format: 120 Film Film Cameras: Fuji GA645

The Liquor Store is an institution in most Los Angeles neighborhoods.

From East Hollywood to Mid City and beyond, these stores can be found every few blocks or so. Generally, the lower an area’s socioeconomic status, the higher the likelihood that a large number Liquor stores operate in the vicinity. Most of these stores stock everything from basic groceries (in areas where larger stores are nonexistent) to every type of candy a child could imagine. They also sell products tailored to the adults in the neighborhood such as blunt wraps, cigarettes and of course, liquor. They are so prevalent in LA that most locals take their existence for granted, but they are yet another unique characteristic of the urban landscape in Los Angeles that you don’t find in many other locations.