Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin
Social Documentary
Landscape Photography

What is The Los Angeles Recordings?

The Los Angeles Recordings is a project focused on creating a photographic record of L.A.’s changing urban landscape. By blending personal history, social commentary, and photography, the goal of the project is to present a view of the city from a local perspective. This concept was inspired by a childhood spent bouncing around between the Hollywood, Mid City, and Koreatown areas of Los Angeles in my childhood. An interest in skateboarding and graffiti cultivated the desire to examine and explore all my surroundings in great detail. It was that focus on my immediate environment that led to a fascination the city’s constant evolution. As I got older and the pace of development in Los Angeles began to accelerate, a desire to preserve and document the process was combined with my love of photography. The Los Angeles Recordings is the result of that fusion.

Exhibitions & Presentations

All City: A Photographic Portrait of Los Angeles
January 13th, 2017 - January 31st, 2017
Espacio 1839
1839 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Songs of My People: 25 Years Later
February 6th, 2017 - March 3rd, 2017
Gallery 102
801 22nd St. NW Washington DC 20052

The Photographer's Eye: North of the 101
February 15th, 2017
Los Angeles Central Library
Presentation in Meeting Room A