Los Angeles | All City

The city of Los Angeles is a huge, hulking, congested mass of people, smog, concrete and steel. Underappreciated and misunderstood, the lack of consensus in regards to the city’s true soul is a result of an unending bombardment from outside it’s walls. As a global entity, LA occupies a place in the world’s collective imagination that would be downright foreign to the average resident. It was this concept that inspired me to set out to shoot Clarity...

As a longtime resident of the city (my family relocated here from Brooklyn when I was 3), I have bore witness to several large scale changes and upheavals to the fabric of the city. From the 1992 riots to the rapidly changing landscape and demographic composition, it has become a very different place than the city I grew up in and thought I understood. There is a sadness that lingers beyond the limelight, the harsh contrast in the lives of those struggling to survive in the one of the toughest rental markets in the country and the surreal culture of excess and exuberance that L.A. (and specifically Hollywood) represents. The place my photographs depict lie between those two extremes. Los Angeles is simultaneously desolate, lavish, decadent and disparate. It takes careful examination to extract this nuanced existence from the noise it is hidden within.

Clarity is a visual representation of the quiet amidst the storm, a side of the city that many (both residents and non-residents) can’t imagine actually exists. I have always felt that it takes years to truly understand what life in L.A. is really about, a sentiment reinforced by witnessing the recent influx of creatives attempt to portray their new home via social media. It’s more than art galleries, exotic coffee, and beautiful weather. There’s an entire city filled with people just trying to make it through the day against the backdrop of one of the richest cities on the planet. To ignore that fundamental reality is to miss what makes Los Angeles such a vibrant creative space and an amazing place to live.