The Los Angeles Recordings
Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin


The Liquor Store

The neighborhood Liquor Store is a fixture in many neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles.

Despite their namesake they normally sell much more than liquor (although they do indeed stock a great deal of alcohol). In many areas, these stores are the only places in walking distance for most residents that stock many basic day to day necessities. Large grocery stores are usually a bus or car ride away, a barrier that adds an additional cost that can limit access. The void left by their absence amplifies the role Liquor Stores play in the communities in which they operate.

The lack of healthy eating options in low income neighborhoods rarely gets the attention it deserves. There needs to be more research on the concept of food deserts and the role diet plays in child development. Liquor stores were never intended to be the primary source of food in these neighborhoods yet that is the function many serve. The reason why Liquor Stores figure to be most prominent in low income areas (and other types of businesses remain conspicuously scarce) is a subject that needs closer examination.