Lost Angeles

As the cycle of gentrification continues to accelerate, it’s easy to forget how much of the city has already been transformed.

Lost Angeles depicts structures, intersections, and cityscapes that no longer exist. The properties have mostly been redeveloped into several bustling businesses including a Whole Foods, a Starbucks, upscale apartments, a Ritz Carlton hotel, and more. A few were demolished years ago and remain as empty lots. The new additions have created jobs and revitalized the surrounding area in some aspects but living conditions for L.A.’s poorest residents have gotten much worse over the same period of time.

A critical look at how Los Angeles has changed over the past decade reveals what happens when a massive amount of money is invested in a city with few benefits for most who inhabit it. Every perceived improvement (public transportation, additional entry level jobs, etc..) is disproportionately offset by a lost resource. It’s a wasted opportunity to build a city that matches the aspirational rhetoric that’s often used to justifiy gentrification in the first place.