Mid City | Secret Monuments

When I was 7 years old, my mother and I relocated from East Hollywood to Mid City Los Angeles. The new neighborhood was mostly made up of single family homes with a few apartment buildings and surrounded by industrial warehouses, liquor stores, and auto repair shops on the northern and southern borders. This part of Mid City is a quiet, somewhat desolate area that has remained relatively unchanged over the past 3 decades. The influx of new residents and a sharp uptick in development that has inundated the rest of Los Angeles has yet to reach this part of the city. The area still looks and feels largely the same as it did during my childhood. Sure, there are a few new houses that weren’t there before but it was surprising how much of it was the same, especially considering that other areas less than a ten minute drive north are almost unrecognizable. My photographs of Mid City are meant to convey the reverence I have for an area that has never gotten the same sort of recognition as the neighborhoods that surround it. The few years that I called this area home cemented my perception of this place as the archetype for residential sprawl in Los Angeles south of Olympic Blvd.