Searching for Los Angeles: Part 3


The faint, barely audible pulse of the streets is something one must train themselves to recognize. It’s present in every city, varying in speed and intensity yet always found in the same location. It can’t be felt indoors or in a car, walls of any kind limit its impact. This composition is confined to the open air, bound to the ebb and flow of pedestrians, vendors, and the daily commute. It’s what I miss the most about Los Angeles when I travel and what I’m most grateful to be immersed in once I return. Of all the parts of L.A. that host their own particular versions of this beat, Hollywood possesses the exact version that resonates most with me.

The heat outside during rush hour in the peak of summer can be oppressive but it comes with the territory. Every exposed surface is drenched in a specific yellow native only to Los Angeles. The ordinariness of the everyday struggle illuminated against the bright blue atmosphere elevates the banal to the extraordinary. Life in the typical L.A. neighborhood is a treasure, where traditions from countless other places are absorbed and augmented, adding to the history of a city that is a sum of those who have made it home. This rhythm is impossible for newcomers to grasp because it’s not for them, at least not initially. The only way to truly understand life in Los Angeles is to live it.