The Searching for Los Angeles series is my love of the city manifested in words and pictures. This is truly a place like no other and much of what makes it special is being imperiled by outside forces. When I first started this series, I wanted to depart a bit from the social commentary that dominates the rest of this site and focus on capturing the underappreciated people, neighborhoods, and rhythms of the L.A. street.

Volume 03:


The only way to truly understand life in Los Angeles is to live it.

Volume 02:

Hidden Bonds

You need to get out of your car and walk the streets to get a glimpse at what makes Los Angeles so special. The greatest things about this city are hidden in plain sight. Life here is participatory, those who put in the work reap the rewards.

Volume 01:

Venice Beach

Some of my earliest memories involve taking the bus to Venice Beach with my older siblings.